NHS Conflict Resolution Training Course

Course aim

This NHS Conflict resolution training course is designed around the specific needs of the healthcare environment and will equip nurses and health care professionals with the skills to de-escalate difficult situations.

1 day course

NHS employees who face behaviour that challenges both from patients and relatives. The training is appropriate for hospital based staff, community staff and emergency vehicle crews. 


Based on a foundation of the General Services Association training curriculum and developed over many years as dedicated providers to a number of large NHS Trusts this training is proven to deliver results. 

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Identify behaviour drivers
  • Recognising warning signs
  • Cultural awareness
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Describe  6 common causes of conflict
  • Describe 2 forms of ‘Communication’
  • Identify how communication can breakdown
  • Identify a communication models that can assist
  • Recognise patterns of behaviour that you may encounter during conflict situations
  • Recognise different warning and danger signs
  • Identify de-escalation strategies
  • Identify impact factors that may affect conflict situations
  • Describe the physical stance and positioning when dealing with conflict
  • Dedicated consultation during the course content development
  • Professional communication running up to the start of the programme
  • Advice and guidance based on our years of experience
  • Reliability, punctuality and professionalism from start to finish
  • Engaging and personable trainers
  • Interactive training that will accelerate learning and outcomes
  • Post learning course resources for all participants
  • Post course administration returned promptly to organisation
  • Regular consultations, reviews and discussions with you the client during the  programme delivery
  • Ongoing support and consultation

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Customers reviews

Lively course, not stuffy and really practical.” 

John Harding

Paediatric nurse

Course feedback

“Thinking about the aggression drivers will help me de-escalate more effectively.”

Mary Lightburn

Ward sister

Course feedback

“I know recognise the unspoken psychological needs of my patients when they are revving up!”

Chris Johnstone

Health Care Assistant

Course feedback

Our clients

Helping our partners remain safe

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