How self-talk effects how we deal with people.

How self-talk effects how we deal with people.

Our self-talk will effect how we manage any interaction and thus the outcome.  

When approached by a customer with an issue, sometimes you may think to yourself, ‘here we go again, another so and so who has an….[unrealistic demand/request/issue/claim etc.]’. You may have heard the same story over and over recently and you may not understand why it is important to this person.

 Sometimes you may be thinking…

“Another layabout, another cheapskate after a discount, another green person, another rich person throwing their weight about, another…” 

It is at this time we have to try and look at the situation from the other persons’ point of view, in fact if we can, it is helpful to step into the other persons’ shoes. We have all been in situations when we have been frustrated by another person’s actions, a person who holds some power over us in some way. I have a question for you, how would you have liked to be treated? Can you pay the person in front of you the same courtesy? When you are truly professional you will have the ability to do this regardless of the situation.

Perhaps it would be useful to imagine that this person is someone you care about. If the person you are helping is old then think of them as your Granny, if they are young think of them as your daughter. I am sure that if this was the case you might treat them differently. 

Ask yourself what would I do in their situation, how would I feel and how would I like to be treated?

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