Conflict Resolution on the Telephone Training Course

Conflict Resolution on the Telephone Training Course

Course aim

Conflict Resolution on the telephone training is essential for people who communicate predominantly on the telephone. Communicating in this way is very different to face to face interactions. The training will build a structured approach to managing challenging calls, help de-escalate and develop resolution skills.

1 day course

Aimed at managers and team members who encounter conflict and aggression as part of their daily work role predominantly on the telephone. This training course is beneficial to staff who find telephone conversations challenging,  have to deliver unwelcome news or are in a customer complaint department.  

Examples of teams have benefited from the training:

Housing & benefits staff, security guards, motorway service staff, care workers, housing association staff, nurses, customer service staff, airport workers, professionals services, retail assistants, reception staff, school wardens, car park enforcement officers, theatre workers

By the end of this one-day training course, the participants will:

  • How to structure the call in order to remain in control
  • Develop an effective technique to remain calm
  • How to demonstrate empathy and build rapport
  • How to de-escalate aggressive and hostile callers
  • Demonstrated their skills in resolving conflict and confrontation verbally
  • Achieve positive outcomes while maintaining the integrity of the brand
  • Master unique techniques to avoid and defuse conflict
  • Use skilled language patterns that defuse situations
  • Understand the benefits of a verbal handshake
  • Identify ‘the bait’ and respond skilfully
  • Learn the benefits of a verbal handshake
  • How to manage aggressive and hostile callers
  • Learn intelligent language patterns
  • Recognising and dealing with behaviour patterns
  • Methods in dealing with behavioural issues
  • Manage call transfers, putting callers on hold and call terminations
  • Verbalise your needs and gain respect
  • Exude confidence when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Achieve positive outcomes while maintaining the integrity of the brand
  • Dedicated consultation during the course content development
  • Professional communication running up to the start of the programme
  • Advice and guidance based on our years of experience
  • Reliability, punctuality and professionalism from start to finish
  • Engaging and personable trainers
  • Interactive training that will accelerate learning and outcomes
  • Post-learning course resources for all participants
  • Post course administration returned promptly to organisation
  • Regular consultations, reviews and discussions with you the client during the  programme delivery
  • Ongoing support and consultation

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Customers reviews

“Loved the paraphrasing technique, so more effective than the way I had been using it.”

Sarah Dowser

Benefit Recovery

Course feedback

“Excellent course, thank you Mark, I will use these skills every day”.

Chris Slater

Customer Service Team

Course feedback

“I now understand how I need to adapt my approach when using a remote medium like the telephone.”

John Johnstone

Housing officer

Course feedback

Our clients

Helping our partners remain safe

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