Conflict Management Skills for Managers Training Course

Course aim

The aim of conflict management for managers training is to introduce practical conflict management techniques and strategies, that managers and team leaders can effectively utilise when managing conflict in the workplace. 

1 day course

Managers who need effective strategies to manage conflict within the workplace. Conflict management skills for managers will equip today’s manager with the skills to address issues directly to gain co-operation, quickly and resolve the hardest conflicts. Powerful techniques that are practical and easily accessible.

By the end of this one-day training course, the participants will:

  • Understand the dynamics of a conflict situation and their role in managing conflict in the workplace to ensure they maximise individual and team performance
  • Identified their preferred style/responses in influencing others and managing conflict and the additional strategies that they need to use to successfully resolve the conflict situation
  • Demonstrated their skills in resolving conflict and confrontation between colleagues
  • Have developed strategies to employ when managing challenging behaviour to enable conflict resolution
  • Develop techniques to apply and enhance their communication skills in the workplace to address existing conflicts between 

Conflict at work can be avoided or defused by strong leadership. Managers need to act swiftly and effectively. This course will introduce a range of new techniques, strategies and methods to manage conflict. Learn how to deal with different personalities and adapt your approach to get the very best outcome. As a manger it is important that you understand your own responses so that you can catch situations ‘up-stream’ and defuse them before they escalate. Managers who lead and inspire, who are sensitive to the needs of their team, will avoid much of the potential conflict in the workplace.

  • Identify your communication style when dealing with conflict
  • Establish and maintain the trust and confidence of your staff
  • Pre-empt and handle difficult situations
  • Motivate employees and ensure they realise their true potential
  • Understand what’s getting in the way for you!
  • Think like a ‘mediation expert’
  • Understanding personality types and behaviour styles
  • Address the behaviour and not the personality
  • Handle your own emotions first
  • Turn ‘battles’ into constructive conversations.
  • Overcome fear of conflict and confrontation
  • How to manage bullying & harassment
  • Recognise when conflict is brewing and nip it in the bud
  • Work through disagreements step by step
  • Use key language skills that will have the most impact for connection and co-operation
  • Avoid the common mistakes when you are faced with conflict
  • Know what to do if someone gets abusive during an interaction
  • Act assertively to define and hold your own boundaries
  • Achieve desired outcomes
  • Dedicated consultation during the course content development
  • Professional communication running up to the start of the programme
  • Advice and guidance based on our years of experience
  • Reliability, punctuality and professionalism from start to finish
  • Engaging and personable trainers
  • Interactive training that will accelerate learning and outcomes
  • Post learning course resources for all participants
  • Post course administration returned promptly to organisation
  • Regular consultations, reviews and discussions with you the client during the  programme delivery
  • Ongoing support and consultation

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Customers reviews

“It will change how I tackle a number of difficult staff for the better”.

Simon Emerson

Head of Strategy

Course feedback

“Thanks, I learnt loads of new stuff that is really clever and that I have never heard of before”.

Graham Salt

Clinical Lead

Course feedback

I think I will use the perceptual position model the most… loved it”

Claire Thorburn


Course feedback

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