Conflict Management Skills for Managers

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  • Course title: Conflict Management Skills for Managers
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Managers who need effective strategies to manage conflict within the workplace. Conflict Skills for Managers will equip the modern day manager with the skills to address issues directly, gain co-operation and resolution. Powerful techniques that are practical and easily accessible.

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Conflict Management Skills for Managers

Conflict at work can be avoided or defused by strong leadership. Managers need to act swiftly and effectively. This Conflict Management Skills for Managers Training course will introduce a range of new conflict management techniques, strategies and methods to manage conflict. Learn how to deal with different personalities and adapt your approach to get the very best outcome. Conflict skills for managers are an essential skill when managing colleagues and teams.

As a manger it is important that you understand your own responses so that you can catch situations ‘up-stream’ and defuse them before they escalate. Managers who lead and inspire, who are sensitive to the needs of their team, will avoid much of the potential conflict in the workplace and between colleagues.

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