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Winning the Time Management Conflict

Accreditation: Yes

“A good well-presented course. I liked the fact that we used our own ‘to do list’ to make positive changes to our schedule” John Swarts – Area Manager

Individuals who will benefit from regaining control of their ‘to do list’ and schedule.

This course will identify the conflicts we all experience when attempting to manage our most precious commodity - TIME.

Time Management = Self Management. We will take a unique, but proven approach that has been tried and tested by hundreds of participants. This course will deliver a unique perspective and the tools to change the way you prioritise your daily activities.

If you are suffering overwhelm, caused by a list of tasks that you already know you will never complete, this is the course for you. Effective time management training will transform operational performance and individual productivity.

Winning_the_Time_Management_Conflict_Training_Course - BLUE CONCEPT TRAINING.pdf

Time Management Training - Winning the Time Management Conflict