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Public Sector Conflict Management Training

Accreditation: Yes

“A good well-presented course.” Jim Pritchard – Area Manager for Care

Public Sector employees who experience conflict either as front-line staff or within their own organisation. Typical participants include: Housing & benefits section, security personnel, library staff, social workers, park rangers, care workers, customer service staff, one-stop-shop assistants, department managers, reception staff, call centre staff, school wardens, leisure staff, car park inspectors and attendants.

Blue Concept Training have nearly twenty years experience of training in the public sector.

Through this experience we understand the operating culture and the challenges faced by local government managers. As a result of our close working relationship with public sector organisations we have developed programmes that achieve exceptional results.

The Public Sector working environment is constantly changing; this brings new working practices, priorities and expectations. With continual performance monitoring and a global decrease in resources, public sector employees need conflict management skills more than ever. We deliver a wide range of conflict courses that equip public sector employees to gain better outcomes and remain safe.

Public Sector Conflict Management Training