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Blue Concept’s PMVA trainers are all qualified General Services Association (GSA) tutors. The GSA physical intervention system provides employees with a set of effective techniques that may be used to either breakaway from violent situations or apply restraint where appropriate.

If you work in health care sector or social care sector in the UK you will most likely be familiar with the GSA training system for Conflict Resolution and PMVA training. The GSA training is a tried and tested system of physical interventions favoured by a large number of Health Boards and NHS Trusts across the UK. It is also the chosen model for training by many private health care organisations, local government and private companies.

What is PMVA training? PMVA is an acronym for the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression. It describes a range of training developed in the NHS to equip front-line staff with the skills to manage difficult situations and people with challenging behaviour. The GSA was formed in 1988 to provide guidance and training in the safe management of violent behaviour for NHS staff in clinical areas, general hospitals and psychiatric units across the country. The demand for such support has increased to encompass education workers, community and other employees whose daily tasks expose them to possible aggression.

Techniques are reviewed and developed by hands-on clinicians on an annual basis. All new techniques scrutinised by a robust, accountable process, informed by evidence based analysis and risk assessed by Dr Tony Bleetman a renowned expert in the physical intervention field.

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