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Lone Worker Safety Training Course

Accreditation: Yes

“I will ensure that my team adhere to the their lone worker trail after reflecting on today’s training.” Mike Jones – Op's Manager

Lone Worker Safety Training is essential to many roles, some examples of lone workers and roles include:

Employees visiting clients’ homes, engineers who visit isolated locations (e.g. blocks of flats to do routine maintenance), sometimes staffing levels mean areas are single manned by staff who are exposed to the public are at some risk of conflict, violence or abuse. Community workers and surveyors.

This training is designed for employees who are either new to the lone worker role who have a long history of working alone. The environment that lone workers are exposed to is becoming more hostile. Lone workers are exposed to numerous risks including human and environmental. Many of these risks can be significantly reduced by training.

It is important for employees to take personal responsibility for their own personal lone worker safety as part of a department and corporate approach.

As an employer lone worker safety training will help you to fulfil your moral, practical and legal responsibility to protect your workers.

We deliver lone worker safety training courses all over the UK and will offer advice and consultancy on lone worker procedures if requested.

Conflict Management Skills and Lone Worker Safety - BLUE CONCEPT TRAINING.pdf

Lone Worker Safety Training Course