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Breakaway and control – physical intervention training including basic breakaway, de-escalation and the legal context. Including extraction strategies, team protection, personal safety and working with other agencies.

All Blue Concept physical training courses are delivered by fully qualified General Services Association (GSA) tutors.

Participants will learn effective physical interventions in a safe and professional environment.

Employees who are at high risk of aggression and violence during the course of their duties. Typical attendees include, enforcement officers, park rangers, rent recovery, environmental enforcement, housing, bailiffs, food and hygiene officers, event personnel

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High Risk Exposure to Violence and Aggression + Breakaway Training

Accreditation: Yes

“I will set more effective boundaries but will also have a plan B.” Eric Cooper – Enforcement officer

High Risk Employees PMVA Breakaway Training Course - BLUE CONCEPT TRAINING.pdf

High Risk Worker Safety Training Course