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“I now understand how I need to adapt my approach when using a remote medium like the telephone.” Chris Slater – Team Leader

Course title:

Telephone  Training Course

Accreditation: Yes

Employees who communicate predominantly on the telephone and would benefit from learning some of the industries ‘cutting edge’ strategies to defuse and de-escalate telephone conflict.

Our Conflict Management Telephone Training  recognises the important differences between face-to-face interactions and this limited sensory environment that communicating on the telephone presents.

Key Telephone Training Skills that participants will learn:

  1. How to structure the call in order to remain in control
  2. Staggeringly effective technique to remain calm
  3. How to demonstrate empathy and build rapport
  4. How to manage aggressive and hostile callers
  5. Crucial language skills
  6. Positive resolution of all calls

This Telephone Training will develop the skills of your staff, the techniques that they will learn will enhance customer care while maintaining the professional branding of your organisation.

Blue Concept Training will work with you to develop a course that fits your requirements and focus on the areas of your current call management that you wish to improve.

Dealing with Conflict on the Telephone Training Course -BLUE CONCEPT TRAINING.pdf

Telephone  Skills Training -  Managing Difficult Calls


The aim of this course is to learn how to manage Conflict on the Telephone, how to remain in control and achieve positive call outcomes.

Key Learning points

Working closely with our clients, Blue Concept Training will fully embrace all your performance procedures and policies relating to abuse, call management and call directing. The training can encompass the ethos of any existing mystery caller, benchmarking criteria and standards. The Telephone Training Course will focus on the areas of your current call management that you wish to improve and the needs of the participants.

Telephone Training - Course Programme

Course Details - Telephone Skills Training




Communication medium

The challenges this presents and why

Reduce barriers to communication

Best practice for inbound calls

Step-by-step process that works

Review existing practice

Customer behaviour reasons

Understand the drivers

Develop appropriate response

BC dynamic circle ™

Flexible options model

Creative solutions

Catch up stream

The bigger picture

Avoid escalation

Identify the ‘Bait’

Notice the triggers

Proactive methodology

Strategies to respond

Explore a range of strategies

Answers at fingertips

Recognise state

Acknowledge the customers’ state

De-escalation of conflict

BC assertion model ™

How to verbalise your needs

Direct communication

Working within standards

Understand expectations and application

Consistent approach

Language Patterns

Language skills to defuse

Calm negotiation

Voice control

How to use good tonality

Empathy and lead customer

Fear control

How to remain calm at all times

Stay calm & in control

Dealing with the verbal bully

Why and how to effectively respond

Remain in control

Call debrief

Stress management

Focus on the good aspects

Incident reporting

Corporate & personal responsibility

Manage customer expectations

Practical application

Real-life strategies

Take away solutions

Future development

Options to increase personal skills

Accelerate learning