Lone Worker Safety

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  • Course title: Lone Worker Training – Care Sector
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Who should attend

Lone Worker Safety Training is essential to care workers, nurses, NHS staff who work in the community. Examples of high risk activities: visiting clients’ homes, travel at night/isolated areas, lone manned clinics, home births, child protection

Course description:

Lone Worker Safety Training Course –  Health and Social Care Sector.

This training is designed for employees who are either new to the lone worker role who have a long history of working alone. The environment that lone workers are exposed to is becoming more hostile. Lone workers are exposed to numerous risks including human and environmental. Many of these risks can be significantly reduced by training.

It is important for employees to take personal responsibility for their own personal safety as part of a department and corporate approach. As an employer Lone worker safety training will help you to fulfil your moral, practical and legal responsibility to protect your workers.

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