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  • Course title: Conflict with Difficult Customers Course
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Who should attend

Designed for front-line staff that experience all levels of conflict with the customers. Typical participants include: housing & benefits staff, security guards, motorway service staff, care workers, housing association staff, nurses, customer service staff, airport workers, professionals services, retail assistants, reception staff, school wardens, car park enforcement officers, theatre workers.

Course description:

Conflict Training Course to Manage Difficult Customers.

Is there such a thing as a difficult customers? Well we certainly have customers with behaviour that is challenging. It is also true that a small percentage of customers are very difficult to manage. However, how employees respond to the challenge will make a significant difference to the outcome. In some cases how human beings react to conflict can make the situation a lot worse. Our training recognises that we all have a default response and the skills we teach will help employees to respond in a more effective way.

This Conflict Training Course to manage difficult customer behaviour will equip employees to de-escalate difficult situations with customers. Participants will discover how to manage the ‘conflict cycle’, which can easily spin out of control. During the conflict course you will understand what underpins the aggressors behaviour and how to re-balance the interaction.

Many employees have to manage customers who interact with their organisation, because of necessity and not by choice; these customers often pose the greatest challenge. Workplace conflict can often causes employees to experience stress.  Stress can become a destructive factor for employees who do not have the necessary conflict management skills.

This Conflict Training Course provides the conflict management tools and strategies that participants can employ immediately to defuse conflict and achieve improved outcomes. Conflict Training Course attendees will develop strategies to address workplace scenarios.


The aim of this Conflict Training Course is to learn how to manage challenging customers naturally, using your existing
resources & skills.

Key Learning points

 Master unique techniques to avoid and defuse conflict
 Use skilled language patterns that defuse situations
 Identify ‘the bait’ and respond skilfully
 Recognising and dealing with behaviour patterns
 Methods in dealing with behavioural issues
 Issues relating to drug, alcohol and mental health
 Employ a staggeringly effective ‘fear control’ technique that will enable you to be calm when it matters!
 Verbalise your needs and gain respect
 Exude confidence when dealing with situations
 Build colleague support strategies



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