One-to-one conflict coaching has great benefits when an individual needs direct support with a specific issue(s). The coach will work alongside the coachee each step of the way so that they are empowered to solve their own challenges.

The relationship will be built on trust, confidentiality and accountability. The emphasis is on forward momentum, actions, behaviour-change and SMART goals. The coaching sessions will provide a backdrop of key skills in conflict management strategies and techniques. We will explore assertion, how to verbalise needs and management skills for dealing with interpersonal conflict.

The structure of the sessions will aim to:

  • Address agreed issues
  • Agree an overall plan and goals (mind map)
  • Agree clear outcomes for each session.
  • Review on-going progression and issue resolution

Blue Concept Training employ the GROW coaching model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will/Way Forward).

It is essential that the coachee is in full agreement when entering into the coaching process.


  • Remote telephone sessions – 6 over a period of 9 weeks, intervals dependant on client progress & need.
  • Each session to last approximately 45 minutes (private dedicated time required, access to e-mail, land line).
  • Session schedule agreed in advance in four week blocks.
  • Sessions are confidential between the coach and coachee.
  • The coachee will be asked for formal feedback at the end of the programme a copy of which will be provided to the commissioning organisation.

The coaching fees include a dedicated personal coach, all resources, supporting worksheets and documents. In addition, free e-mail support for the coachee during the coaching programme is included.

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