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  • Course title: Conflict within Teams
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Who should attend

Teams that are in ‘melt-down’ who have tried everything else. Teams that need to make tough decisions on how to move forward and are looking for a strategy to regain synergy.

Course description:

Team Intervention Training

Conflict within teams and colleagues can be toxic for your organisation. When a group is experiencing conflict it can be very difficult to resolve the issues from within. Albert Einstein, said “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”  Whether the issues are around process, personality, values or professional expectations, Blue Concept Training can provide an environment where workable solutions can be developed and a strategy to implement them defined. Taking conflict within teams and devising simple solutions that resolve complicated issues.

We work on a consultancy basis to devise an appropriate intervention.

If you are looking for support with specific individuals in your organisation who are struggling with conflict with colleagues, then perhaps our Remote Conflict Coaching is the solution you have been looking for?

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