Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training is designed to provide a wide range of skills and strategies that staff members can employ to properly negotiate conflict in the workplace. Our research showcases that conflict management training can actually work to help employees respond in a much  safer and calmer way when dealing with hostile situations in the workplace.

Our courses in conflict resolution training includes a mixture of practical exercises and theory that can help you create effective outcomes in any type of difficult situation. Whether you are facing challenging behaviour in the workplace or you need to de-escalate a severe situation, this is a programme that can be of assistance to you.

The main objectives of the training can help participants:

  • Work with difficult people
  • Start using honesty and negotiation to create agreements
  • Defuse blame situations
  • Assist with delivering bad news
  • Deal with strong feelings
  • Achieving a win-win situation
  • Choosing appropriate conflict within the workplace

Through our training course it’s possible to officially certify a member of your staff in conflict training for the future of your work force. It will become much easier to respond in a calmer and safer way when facing aggression and these teachings can lead to a more efficient workplace overall.
This conflict resolution training course can be adapted to address challenges within almost any industry. If you are facing a number of organisational issues or conflict issues within the workplace consider speaking to our training course manager to learn more. We can guide you in the right direction of choosing an ideal course to suit the specific needs of your organisation. We continually adapt our training content to address new challenges that employees may face within the use of technology and in emerging industries too.

Through our training courses we can deliver the solutions you need for the future success of your organisation.