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  • Course title: Care Home Training – Safe Holding and Physical Interventions
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This course is designed to equip Care Home staff with the skills to manage difficult situations and potentially exposed to the violent behaviour of dementia sufferers. Even when the violence is not intended, employees need to keep both residents and staff safe.

Course description:

Care Home Training – Safe Holding and Physical Interventions

Safety training for managing the behaviour of dementia sufferers. Care Home Training for physical interventions including basic breakaway techniques, assisted walking and safe holding.

Care Home staff walk a fine line when managing behaviour that challenges.  This course will provide the knowledge, skills and interventions to manage situations in a compassionate, effective and legal manner. At Blue Concept Training our trainers are experienced at helping care home employees.  All Blue Concept physical training courses are delivered by fully qualified General Services Association (GSA) tutors. Participants will learn effective physical interventions in a safe and professional environment.  

Our trainers work closely with employees to offer advice and guidance on how to help residents who find the care home setting challenging. Therefore both residents and relatives have greater confidence in the service and are reassured that their loved ones are safe.


The aim of this course is to equip Care Home professionals with the skills and techniques that they need to safely manage patients with dementia conditions. This Care Home staff training course includes breakaway training, low level restraint, assisted-walking and chair de-escalation.

This course covers five specific areas:

  • De-escalation
  • Breakaway Techniques
  • Assisted Walking
  • Low Level Restraint
  • Chair De-escalation

(Participants will be reminded that physical techniques are to be used as a last resort and the lowest level of physical intervention must always be employed).

Very often care workers lack the confidence or knowledge to manage clients who have behaviour that is challenging. For this reason the training includes all aspects of guidance and law that are relevant. It is also important to raise awareness of how clients communicate their needs and how this communication can be mis-interpreted. Clients can use a large spectrum of behaviours to communicate their needs and the training explores these challenges for both family and staff. By using skilful responses many difficult situations can be avoided or de-escalated.


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