Physical Intervention Training

PMVA Breakaway and Safe Holding Courses

Welcome to the prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA) physical intervention training section of the site. Here you will find details on a range of training courses that cover a wide range of physical intervention training. You will also find training designed for employees who are in potentially high risk working environments.

A much wider range of organisations than ever before now recognise that training employees to keep themselves safe is not only an essential training need, but as a responsible employer a duty of care.

Blue Concept Training’s PMVA trainers are all qualified General Services Association (GSA) tutors. The GSA physical intervention system provides employees with a set of effective techniques that may be used to either breakaway from violent situations or apply restraint where appropriate.

The system includes a set of dynamic physical techniques all drawn from a core curriculum. Every technique has been developed and informed by over 20 years of practical experience in some of the highest level crisis environments.

When should you use Physical Intervention Training? We recommend that employee who have the potential to be exposed to physical violence while carrying out their duties should receive a combination of non-physical and physical management techniques.

The techniques are easy to learn, easy to use and effective. On each course the participants will also learn the legal context of using such responses, understand the key steps and the medical implications

Blue Concept also provide ‘Train the Trainer ‘ courses. We have a number of options and levels of qualification. Please contact us for more details.